Hi, I have End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) due to Polycystic Kidney Disease. I was initially diagnosed at the age of 18 and many years later, at the age of 33, in September 2011, I started dialysis. I initially started on CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis – 4 times a day) and then went on APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis – night machine) 16 months later.  I am lucky however, to have received a kidney transplant recently, having received the “miracle” call of the gift of life from Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.  Since I started this diary on 28th October 2012, I have been documenting each month how I have got on being on dialysis and how I have coped with the many highs and lows along the way.


I decided to set up because I know when I was told I had to start dialysis, I had so many questions, I felt at times I had no one to ask. And while the PD Nurses were very good to me and while I was able to ask them any question, I always went home and had more questions. And believe me, I am still learning and I still have many questions. I should say at this stage, that I owe a huge degree of gratitude to the PD Nurses in Cork University Hospital, who thought me how to do dialysis and gave me the courage and confidence to do it myself. I would also like to thank my previous Dialysis Consultant and my new Transplant Consultant. They have been so supportive and just know the right things to say and keep me calm. I will be forever grateful to them and will never forget this kindness.  I'm hoping that my journey and experience with kidney disease and the things I learn and have learnt along the way, will be of help to someone else.  My Dad also has Kidney Disease and has battled with it for the last 30 years. He has had 2 transplants and is waiting on his 3rd. When I see his courage and sheer determination, that is, without a doubt, what keeps me going.


By all means don't hesitate to ask me any questions or leave any comments you may have.  If you would like to leave a comment but not on my home page please email me  -


Thanks for listening.......     #OPTFORLIFE

Noreen O'Halloran-Hannon


Organ Donation

Organ Donation is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.  By considering signing an Organ Donor Card, your act of kindest could safe someones life.  With so many patients on waiting lists, it has never been so important.  Organ failure can be devastating and particularly hard for patients and their families.  A new organ would mean a new lease of life.

Please consider carrying a Donor Card.

TEXT:       FREETEXT DONOR to 50050

PHONE:     Locall 1890 543639


POST:       Freepost, Irish Kidney Association, Donor House, Park West,

              Dublin 12 

You can also sign the back of your driving licence. 

On the new "credit card style" Driver's Licence, you will need to tick Question 20 in Part 4 of the Application Form - thereafter, code 115 will appear on the back of the licence. 

NB** Please however, discuss your wishes with your next-of-kin. 





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DONE Sending...

Michele, Cork | Reply 05.02.2013 23.56

Thank you Noreen for your diary. Oh the memories of Home Choice, we used it for three years on our then baby girl 2002 -'05. Wishing you well x

noreen 06.02.2013 07.08

Hi Michelle. Thanks for your message. Hope your child is doing well. Home choice is definitely better than CAPD. Hope you continue to enjoy the diary x

Peter Heffernan | Reply 22.01.2013 17.22

Hi, Noreen, hope you are keeping well, Will we see the two of you at the weekend, peter

Amanda | Reply 15.01.2013 10.59

Hi Noreen,
Hope that you & your Dad get good news on the transplant front soon.PKD is in my family too,my Dad is on the list too & my uncle is in recovery

Noreen 15.01.2013 13.04

Hi Amanda. Hope your Dad gets the call also & that your uncle is better soon. PKD can affect so many in one family but hopefullly they will find a cure soon :-

Sharon | Reply 06.01.2013 14.05

Hi Noreen, Your diary is inspirational:) I hope this is you and your Dads year for a kidney. Xx

Sharon 06.01.2013 14.18

Hmmm yes. I had acute kidney failure for a few months last summer but thank god I'm ok now. I know only a fraction of your pain xx

noreen 06.01.2013 14.13

Thanks Sharon for your lovely message. We'll keep the fingers crossed. Hopefully it will inspire more people to consider organ donation. Thks again Noreen

Patrick Groome | Reply 03.01.2013 16.46

Hi Noreen,
My wife and her siblings have PKD but all have been fortunate to receive a kidney- you are a beacon for strength and hope.
Shalom from Jerusalem

noreen 03.01.2013 17.51

Hi. Thank you for your message and for your encouraging words. We'll get the call alright. Thanks again Noreen.

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11.08 | 19:09

hi noreen. got transplant on june 17th from my sister. your latest blog regarding your tiredness has been consoling for me as i am having symptoms also.

13.06 | 00:53

Yes Noreen met your lovely dad. What a gentleman. Hope he gets his call also. Keep well and happy.

11.06 | 12:29

Hi.. just wonder what the fluid allowance is like on CAPD.. also congrats on the site.. great stuff.

10.06 | 20:49

Thanks Siobhan for your lovely comment. I'm feeling good & I hope you are keeping well also. If I have the right person, I think you met my Dad in CUH Noreen x

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